Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Good Book - Football v. Religion (No.3)

One of the important aspects of the Rules of Association Football is that it has been written to avoid ambiguity and personal interpretation, and is the same set of rules used throughout the world regardless of your creed, colour, age, gender and sexual orientation.

It has been written so that even the more 'confusing' (to some) rules such as the offside rule, are written plainly to avoid misinterpretation or differing interpretations.

It therefore seems perverse to me that the Christian Churches, and I mean churches, for there are an uncountable number of denominations and varieties, treat the Bible as a MENU of scripture and verse from which to pick and choose the bits you want, and then interpret as you choose.

Surely, this is no way to run a religion.The message should be consistent and easily understood.

However, Christians can't even decide if the Bible is a metaphor for life or a literal account of the beginning of the world in Gods words. If they can't even agree on something as basic as that, the many other problems between denominations and sects appear trivial.

If you really want to see how dis-jointed a religion Christianity is, just investigate the goings on at the spiritual heart of Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It is a shocking list of examples of how the many sects within the church spend more time on in-fighting and petty squabbles than doing anything that might benefit mankind. As the video below demonstrates.

There you have it, 'men of peace' going about their daily business of spreading hate and division.

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