Sunday, 13 May 2012

End of 2011/12 Premiership Season - Football v. Religion

What a last day of of Premiership Football.

Was it a miracle?  Is Aguaro the new Messiah ? Is ex-Bolton Wanderers player Stoke's Jon Walters the new Judas ?

No, No and NO - this has nothing to do with Religion it is too powerful for that -


The excitement, twists and turns, Champions or runners up, saved or relegated, Champion's League spot or hanging on for Chelsea's result next Saturday - these are real issues that mean an awful lot to an awful lot of people.

I can't not enjoy football, it is a real and enriching experience, it doesn't teach me untruths or to mis-trust and hate others and importantly it only consumes my life when I allow it to - there is no penalty if I don't go to the games or switch off the TV.

So it is the end of the season...... luckily there are the NPower play-off finals, Scottish Cup, Champion's League Final and the Euros to look forward to before next August.

However, on the downside there is also football in the Olympics...... but that is an entirely different post and rant.

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