Sunday, 22 April 2012

Keep Sunday Special - Football v. Religion

The 'Keep Sunday Special Campaign' is yet another small-minded group of religious zealots who wish to restrict the freedom of others due to a poorly written work of fiction whose primary purpose has been subjugation and control of the masses.

When will these Christian organisations wake up to the fact that it is no longer possible to simply bore people into church. Their hay-day in this respect is well and truly gone, people now have far more interesting, more rewarding and more productive things to do on a Sunday.

Centuries ago the church was the meeting place where local news and gossip could be shared, and that aspect of church was a large part of the reason for going to church. That said, the fact that in the past it has been an offense not to go to church which could result in death - was also a fairly powerful motivator I'd say.

However, the advent of newspapers, radio, television and the internet, along with the many scientific discoveries and advancements, now means that the modern church is required by a far smaller percentage of the population. So why are these people trying to keep Sunday special for me when I don't necessarily want it to be any more 'special' than it already is.

And what about Friday for the mosques and Saturday for the synagogue - it would appear that haven't really thought this through - should we not have special days for everyone's imaginary friend.

And why Sunday ? Well I saw on another website (which I'm afraid I can't find just now - so can't credit) that somebody had quite brilliantly spotted yet another flaw in biblical account of the beginning of the world. They wrote......

"If God made the world in 6 days, and made the Sun and Moon on day 4, how did he measure a day on Day 1, Day2, Day 3 as it requires the earth and the moon to measure a day - also the gravitational pull of the sun? It is a bit like saying god invented water while taking a shower".

It also has to be asked, if he said "let there be light" on Day 1, "and there was light", but he made the sun on Day 4 then where did the .... ah ..... it all looks a bit flimsy, doesn't it - and this is why heretics had to be put to death, the biblical account just unravels when any aspect is questioned.... but I digress...... back to Sundays.

The only part of Keep Sunday Special that I could possibly agree with (but from a purely selfish perspective) is that the shops should all open at 10.00 AM, so that I can have a lie-in and they should then shut about 12:30 PM so that I can get home or to the pub for the Super Sunday football.

Having the shops open when the football is on the TV can occasionally cause some marital friction, but as you can now watch football pretty much everyday of the week, picking any single day to keep special just seems a bit daft.

And surely that is the real point of life, EVERY day should be special.

So I guess I would have to support an alternative campaign, my campaign would have to be 'Why Keep Sunday Special ?' - look, I have a logo and everything...........


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